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Kalakari Film Festival - Film Fest with a Social Cause

There is always an excitement when one gets invited to participate in a film festival. As a first time director a world of appreciation for my film makes all the difference. So it was naturally the thrill to submit my short film into a film festival that made me write this post. I got an invitation from Kalakari Film Fest, upon checking the official page I was intrigued as this film festival is organized for a good social cause. The festival is linked with NGO Helping Hand that believes in giving better life to the underprivileged of the society.

The festival is organized in India, the Kalakari Film Festival has been founded by Rishi Nikam, the year 2020 has become unique due to COVID19. Due to which the festival has gone all digital in its format. The 2020 edition of the Kalakari fest will include in-person and digital movie screenings, drive-ins and virtual red carpet premieres. It also includes Q and As round with the filmmakers, press conferences and interactive talks.

As founder Rishi Nikam perfectly adds "this covid19 can't stop creativity of an artist". The bonus being the festival offers a unique discount waiver code which allows artists from around the world to submit their work for free.

Kalakari Film Fest
Kalakari Fest Founder Rishi Nikam

I had the privilege to take a short interview regarding the founding and the outcome of the festival. In an exclusive with founder Rishi Nikam and his team.

About the festival? Its inception, the inspiration to start such a unique film festival?

Kalakari FilmFest - Our journey started from Indore, India also known as Mini Mumbai . One day while giving lectures on VFX to their dear students, Founder of our Fest Mr. Rishi Nikam came across an idea of doing a small contest in Indore to encourage young fresh talents. He thereafter gathered all the resources and asked some of friends to help him with the Fest. Within few days he received a lot of art works. He then organised a lil program of award ceremony inviting all the participants. After a small session of introduction, awarded the winners with Cash Prizes and Certificates. He/She too was very happy for such a good initiative which motivates the people to show their creativity.

Next year he organised another FilmFest at the State Level with his small team, and this time the response was much greater. He then decided to give FilmFest a name which showcase the beauty of the Fest and also emphasis on Traditional Indian Culture, and therefore named it " Kalakari FilmFest ".

Next year he collaborated with an NGO, his team grew from 5 to 50 members. He did another successful FilmFest in India which allowed everyone of every age to participate in the Fest with the minimal charges. It included various categories for the people to submit their artworks. All the profit earned went straight to the NGO which helped the poor needy peoples. With the great demand of  people from outside the India this time We Kalakari FilmFest have decided to open our arms and welcome every artist across the World to showcase their Talents. Till now we have got 500+ submittions. But due to Corona Virus Pandemic we have to delay our event and so we have extended our deadlines till the end of July.

How is the festival related with a good cause?

Kalakari Film Fest promotes young fresh talents of India on an International platform. It encourages Indian artists by allowing them to submit their work for free!! We especially promote indian artists at  international level to showcase their artwork. 

What is the social cause that Kalakari film festival supports?

Kalakari Film Fest works with the government and NGOs. As we are non profitable film festival.  On every submission we get, our team donates 50 food packets to the poor people. Our team is always ready to help others. We provide promo codes even to the foreign students who can't afford our entry fees and we also give free entry to many artist.

How much impact has the festival had on social issues?

By providing food packets to poor people, no one sleeps hungry in our area. And free entry to Indian artists motivates them to do better and better day by day.

What are the future plans?

Our future plan or goal is it grow our fest so that each and every Indian and international artist can take advantage of our fest.

How does it award the participants?

We will award the participants with gift hampers and official merchandise. And also an opportunity to work with us in short films.

Wow! that is so inspiring! A film fest that is so generous that it allows the promotion of art with a goodwill. What are you waiting for! If you are a filmmaker, artist or a photographer maker sure you submit your work and be a part of this global movement to spread positivity and charity during our testing times. Visit Kalakari Film Festival and submit your work now and if possible do donate.

See ya at the festival!

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