• Mary Anthony

MAKEUP - Short Film Officially Enters the Lift-Off Global Network Film Festival

MAKEUP- Short Film is a noir thriller featuring Nancy as the main protagonist. She is in an abusive relationship which has played hard on her psych. Her final blow comes as a surprise to her husband when she puts on Makeup and releases her alter-ego to extract revenge.

The film has been on Youtube and Film Freeway, it has been submitted to various film festivals across the world. On 8th October, 2019 it was officially selected for the Lift-Off Global Network Film festival in association with Pinewood Studios for the First-Time Film-Maker Sessions category.

The film is written by Mary Veronica Anthony. It is directed by Mary Veronica Anthony and Ankita Adhikari. Edited by Shashit Minj, Manas Dhandanayak and Ganesh. Cinematography is done by Shashit Minj, Casting by Lakra Smita. Actors Nivina Nixon as Nancy and Rahul Chauhan as the husband.

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